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ATTO bridge reboots unexpectedly: WARN SWWD 3757

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Applies to

  • ATTO FibreBridge 7500N
  • ATTO FibreBridge 7600N
  • MetroCluster FC 
  • ATTO bridge managed via in-band and secured


  • For ATTO FibreBridge 7600 bridge reboots dumpeventlog all shows errors:
INFO SWWD Exception
INFO Reset. HW Code: Software Warm
INFO Reset. Reason: Watchdog Timer Interrupt Exception
  • For ATTO 7500N bridge reboots event log shows: 
03C82F 14:32:50 06/10/22 CRIT Data Abort Exception (007A), DFAR= 1f3ec22e, DFSR=
03C830 14:32:50 06/10/22 CRIT  00000001, LR= 00041574
03C831 14:32:50 06/10/22 INFO Data Abort
03C832 14:32:50 06/10/22 INFO 06/10/2022 14:32:50
03C833 14:32:50 06/10/22 INFO ST[006c04a0-006c24a0] | FP[006c23dc] CPSR[60000197]
03C834 14:32:50 06/10/22 INFO 001494b4<-00261ee8 | SP[006c23e0] FP[006c2454]
03C835 14:32:50 06/10/22 INFO 00261e44<-00261540 | SP[006c2458] FP[006c2464]
03C836 14:32:50 06/10/22 INFO 0026152c<-0000059c | SP[006c2468] FP[1f3fcffc]
03C837 14:32:50 06/10/22 INFO FP out of range [6c2464]
03C838 14:32:50 06/10/22 INFO ST[1f3fc000-1f3fd000] | FP[1f3fcffc] CPSR[60000113]
03C839 14:32:50 06/10/22 INFO 00041530<-003e6a10 | SP[1f3fd000] FP[1f3fd000]

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