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Why do I see the error noSmbVerNegotiated in the log?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • CIFS / SMB
  • SMB1 disabled on the storage side


  • SMB1 has been disabled on the storage controller, the Windows client attempts SMB1 only and as it's disabled it fails as expected.
    Error example:
    5/21/2021 02:11:30  CHBARNASA90-N1   ERROR         Nblade.noSmbVerNegotiated: For Vserver "DATA-SVM", Data ONTAP(R) could not negotiate with the client "" because it does not support any of the SMB protocol versions that the client sent in the list "<NT LM 0.12;>".
  • After the negotiation failure, the client attempts again but this time with SMB1/SMB2/SMB3

Additional Information

This appears to be incorrect client behaviour as it attempts SMB1 only, and does not present all 3 SMB dialects simultaneously, even though the client does support SMB1/SMB2/SMB3

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