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What is a Cloud Manager Connector

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A "Connector" in Cloud Manager is an orchestrator.  It resides inside a customers environment and runs on it’s own VM.  It uses API’s to deploy and manage NetApp cloud resources in a customer environment.


What a Connector is NOT:

  • A connector does not store any user data.  It does store logs for the services that it’s managing.  These are useful for troubleshooting but are not user data.
  • A connector does not pull or push user data.  For example, when using Cloud Backup Service, the Connector does not pull the data to itself and then push it to object storage; it simply calls for the backup to occur and the data passes directly from ONTAP to object storage.


What a Connector requires:

  • Permissions to deploy and manage NetApp resources within a customer environment.  Link
  • Network connectivity to any resources that a customer wants it to manage.  For example, if the Connector is in one subnet or region and a resource needs to be deployed into another subnet or region, the Connector needs to have functional network routing to those subnets or regions.
  • Network connectivity (except in dark site deployments) to a basic set of endpoints (network addresses) to obtain licensing information, send AutoSupports, provide SaaS features and to upgrade the Connector.  Link
  • Specific network ports open (separate inbound and outbound ports).  Link


Common Connector Deployment Problems:

  • Since the requirements only include a few components of a customers infrastructure there are really only a few places to look for troubleshooting Connector deployment failures.  Network connectivity is by far the most common.

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