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Trident fails volume resize with "unsupported capacity range"

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Trident for Openshift/Kubernetes


The volume resize may produce the following error observed in the pvc description or Trident error logs

[root@rhel1 test]# kubectl describe pvc nasvolnew
Name:          nasvolnew
Namespace:     default
StorageClass:  basicnasnew
Status:        Bound
Volume:        pvc-c947eae5-3cbf-4356-b2c9-00baec838a17
Labels:        <none>
Annotations: yes
Finalizers:    []
Capacity:      6Gi
Access Modes:  RWO
VolumeMode:    Filesystem
Used By:       naspodnew
  Type       Status  LastProbeTime                     LastTransitionTime                Reason  Message
  ----       ------  -----------------                 ------------------                ------  -------
  Resizing   True    Mon, 01 Jan 0001 00:00:00 +0000   Tue, 01 Mar 2022 13:20:57 +0000
  Type     Reason              Age                 From                                    Message
  ----     ------              ----                ----                                    -------
  Warning  ExternalExpanding   51s (x5 over 139m)  volume_expand                           Ignoring the PVC: didn't find a plugin capable of expanding the volume; waiting for an external controller to process this PVC.
  Normal   Resizing            3s (x12 over 139m)  external-resizer  External resizer is resizing volume pvc-c947eae5-3cbf-4356-b2c9-00baec838a17
  Warning  VolumeResizeFailed  3s (x8 over 51s)    external-resizer  resize volume "pvc-c947eae5-3cbf-4356-b2c9-00baec838a17" by resizer "" failed: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = unable to resize the volume: unsupported capacity range; requested size 7516192768 is less than existing volume size 7689220096



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