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SCSQL-VDI Timeout error-Freeze database(s) status as Failed

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SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server (SCSQL)


Unable to quiesce the databases in ten minuntes (600 seconds)

Windows Application Event Logs
10/23/2021         16:38:57              574        Information               MSSQL$SNG       846        A time-out occurred while waiting for buffer latch -- type 2, bp 00000297E6ED6F00, page 3:90, stat 0xb, database id: 6, allocation unit Id: 72057597033709568, task 0x000001AEDCE28CA8 : 0, waittime 300 seconds, flags 0x1a, owning task 0x000001AEDFB07C28. Not continuing to wait.
SnapManager Web Log File
2021-10-23T16:33:00.7566764-07:00 DEBUG SnapManagerWeb_159537 PID=[2676] TID=[36] Updating the job (159537) task (Freeze database(s)) status as Running
2021-10-23T16:33:00.7566764-07:00 INFO  SnapManagerWeb_159537 PID=[2676] TID=[36] Enter UpdateJobStatus
2021-10-23T16:33:00.7566764-07:00 INFO  SnapManagerWeb_159537 PID=[2676] TID=[36] Exit UpdateJobStatus
2021-10-23T16:33:00.7566764-07:00 INFO  SnapManagerWeb_159537 PID=[2676] TID=[36] Exit JobManagerProvider: UpdateJobStatus

10 minute gap

2021-10-23T16:43:07.3420664-07:00 INFO  SnapManagerWeb_159537 PID=[2676] TID=[17] Enter JobManagerProvider: UpdateJobStatus
2021-10-23T16:43:07.3576903-07:00 DEBUG SnapManagerWeb_159537 PID=[2676] TID=[17] Updating the job (159537) task (Freeze database(s)) status as Failed


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