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Repeated ktlsd failure

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.10.1
  • ONTAP 9.11.1
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO)
  • NetApp Fabric Pool
  • NetApp Cloud Tiering
  • NetApp Cloud Backup Service (CBS)
  • SnapMirror


  • Check EMS for the ktlsd failure alert (this will repeat every 10 minutes maximum due to EMS throttle)

Thu Sep 15 18:07:32 +0000 [Cluster-01: ktlsd: ktls.failed:notice]: "The TLS connections have failed several times with remote host '##.##.##.##' in IPspace '###', for which the latest reason given is: OpenSSL: error:7E000003:lib(252)::reason(3)."

  • Object Store is marked as unavailable (with CVO it may still show as available, then verify via EMS log)

::*> storage aggregate object-store show
    Aggregate      Object Store Name Availability   Mirror Type
    -------------- ----------------- -------------  -----------
    aggr01         StorageAccount   unavailable    primary
    aggr02         StorageAccount   unavailable    primary
    2 entries were displayed.

Error: command failed: Initializing the object store profiler on node "Cluster-01" for object store "StorageAccount" failed. Reason: OpenSSL: in function func(0): reason(3). Wait a few minutes and try the command again.

  • In case of CVO, the creation of a tiering-enabled aggregate or disk addition to an existing tiering-enabled aggregate via Cloud Manager may fail with one of these errors:
Error:Cannot verify availability of the object store from node <Nodename>. Reason: OpenSSL: in function func(0): reason(3).
Error:Cannot verify availability of the object store from node <Nodename>. Reason: Wrong port or server is not reachable.
  • CVO`s deployed in Azure may experience MDP due to connection problems to the Root Storage Account:

PANIC: DIAGNOSTIC PANIC Disk deleted or missing on cloud shared HA in SK process config_thread on release 9.11.1 (C)

  • The Tiering dashboard in Cloud Manager may displays "Cloud tier is not available".

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