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Global File Cache: Do Cores co-ordinate file locking between them? (GFC)

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Applies to

  • Global File Cache (GFC) Core
  • Global File Cache (GFC) Edge


Question: If there are 2 cores pointing at the same data shares and a number of edges on each.  What prevents two users connecting from  different cores from conflicting on access to a file?

Answer: There will be no conflict because GFC locks happen at the authoritative source – not on the core. The locks will be under the Talon service account and can be seen looking at sessions on the backend file server.

For example:

Core1 and Core2 both connect to BackendA. Assuming we’re taking about MS Word which no collaboration is allowed.

User1 (Edge1) connects to Core 1 – opens file1.doc – file is locked on BackendA for User1

User2 (edge2) connects to Core2 – attempts to open same file1.doc on BackendA. Since this file has already been locked by User1, User2 will get a message saying the file is already been locked for editing.

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