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Cloud Manager is up and running however services are missing/showing unhealthy

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Applies to

  • Cloud Manager
  • Google Cloud Provider


  • Cloud Manager was manually installed on a GCP VM.
  • Connector looks active in UI, but not all services show in docker ps .

[root@xxxxx ~]# docker ps -a

CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                                                                                     COMMAND                 CREATED     STATUS                   PORTS                                     NAMES

818c1331cf8e                      "/"         2days ago   Up 23 hours    >80/tcp,>443/tcp   occm

88c30f21db4c  "java -XX:+UnlockExp…"   2 days ago   Up 23 hours(unhealthy)                                             cloudmanager_credentials

e5928667020a                                             "docker-entrypoint.s…"  2 days ago   Up 23 hours (healthy)     3306/tcp,33060/tcp                       mysql

4beb4c339921                 "java -XX:+UnlockExp…"   2 days ago   Up 23hours    >80/tcp                      cloudmanager_health-checker


  • Updating containers  jobs always fail in timeline.

failed to init, will try later Failed to deploy containers.

cloudmanager_health-checker isup-to-date

mysql is up-to-date

cloudmanager_credentials is up-to-date

occm is up-to-date

ERROR: forcloudmanager_message-poller  Container "88c30f21db4c" isunhealthy.

ERROR: forcloudmanager_compliance  Container "88c30f21db4c" is unhealthy.

ERROR: for cloudmanager_scs_cloud Container "88c30f21db4c" is unhealthy.

ERROR: forcloudmanager_ontap-proxy  Container "88c30f21db4c" is unhealthy.

ERROR: for cloudmanager_monitoring Container "88c30f21db4c" is unhealthy.

ERROR: for cloudmanager_audit Container "88c30f21db4c" is unhealthy.

ERROR: forcloudmanager_protocol-proxy  Container "88c30f21db4c" isunhealthy.

ERROR: forcloudmanager_k8s_integ_v2_connector  Container "88c30f21db4c" isunhealthy.

ERROR: for cloudmanager_gfc Container "88c30f21db4c" is unhealthy.

Encountered errors while bringing upthe project.



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