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StorageBridgePortDown_Alert reported in Stretch MetroCluster system

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Stretch MetroCluster


  • One of the FC ports on a node is down:
slot 1: FC Host Adapter 1c (Emulex XE201 rev. 48, <DOWN>)
Board name:        111-02455
Serial Number:     FCXXXXXX77
Firmware rev:
Host Port Id:      N/A
FC Node Name:      2:000:00109b:25b9bc
FC Port Name:      1:000:00109b:25b9bc
SFP Vendor:        AVAGO
SFP Part Number:   AFBR-57F5MZ-NA1
SFP Serial Number: AA1XXXXX1RD
SFP Capabilities:  4, 8 or 16 Gbit
Link Data Rate:    N/A
  • The ATTO bridge FC port that is connected to the above node port is also down and the bridge reports the below error:
ATTO_161.XXX.XX.XXX(200000XXXXXXXXX):FC_PORT_1 is Offline.
Cluster1::> storage bridge show
                                       Is        Monitor
Bridge                   Symbolic Name Monitored Status  Vendor Model                 Bridge WWN
------------------------ ------------- --------- ------- ------ --------------------- ----------------
ATTO_161.XXX.XX.XX4      Node1-br1
                                       true      ok      Atto   FibreBridge 7500N     200XXXXXXXXX7c00
ATTO_161.XXX.XX.XX5      Node1-br2
                                       true      ok      Atto   FibreBridge 7500N     200XXXXXXXXX7900
ATTO_161.XXX.XX.XX6      Node1-br3
                                       true      ok      Atto   FibreBridge 7500N     200XXXXXXXXX6600
ATTO_161.XXX.XX.XX7      Node1-br4
                                       true      error   Atto   FibreBridge 7500N     200XXXXXXXXX7b40                      
4 entries were displayed.
  • The affected node is transitioned to "Mixed Path" configuration:
NetApp Release 9.3P7: Wed Jul 25 06:16:06 EDT 2018
System ID: 0538031811 (Node-01)
System Serial Number: 45XXXXXXXX8 (Node-01)
System Rev: A4
System Storage Configuration: Mixed-Path
  • StorageBridgePortDown_Alert and FC-AL LINK_FAILURE alerts reported in the event logs:
[Node-01: slifc_intrd:]: Link break detected on Fibre Channel adapter 1c.
[Node-01: lhm_main:]: Call home for FC-AL LINK_FAILURE (1c)
[Node-01: schmd: hm.alert.raised:alert]: Alert Id = StorageBridgePortDown_Alert , Alerting Resource = 200XXXXXXXXX7b40 raised by monitor system-connect
[Node-01: mgwd:]: Call home for Health Monitor process schm: StorageBridgePortDown_Alert[200XXXXXXXXX7b40].
  • The bridge health is degraded:
Cluster1::> system health subsystem  show
Subsystem         Health
----------------- ------------------
SAS-connect       ok
Environment       ok
Memory            ok
Service-Processor ok
Switch-Health     ok
CIFS-NDO          ok
Motherboard       ok
IO                ok
MetroCluster      ok
MetroCluster_Node ok
FHM-Switch        ok
FHM-Bridge        degraded
SAS-connect_Cluster ok
13 entries were displayed.
  • The link between the affected FC ports on the node and ATTO bridge remain down despite SFP and cable replacement.
  • On swapping the cables between a known good node port and the affected ATTO, the link on the ATTO bridge comes online.

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