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ONTAP NDU pauses with error: Cross-cluster access is restricted

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Applies to

  • MetroCluster (MCC)
  • ONTAP major version >= 9.7
  • FlexCache origin-volume(s) exist on MCC
  • Automated Non Disruptive Upgrade (ANDU)


  • MCC runs major version ONTAP upgrade from version 9.7+ to 9.8+.
  • MCC owns origin-volume(s) of a FlexCache relationship.
  • The cluster serving the Flexcache cache-volumes already runs an ONTAP major version that is greater than the MCC.
  • All MCC node components are upgraded but one post-apps cluster-component upgrade-task on the MCC aborts with error:

MCC-A-01 1200 post-apps 1215 mgwd aborted    Upgrade and Revert task for FlexCache 9.8

  • The affected cluster within the MCC still runs the original (pre-upgrade) effective cluster version, e.g. 9.7, while its nodes already run the new version e.g. 9.8:

MCC-A::*> version
NetApp Release 9.7: Sat Jan 15 10:49:44 UTC 2022

MCC-A::*> node run -node * -command version
2 entries were acted on.
Node: MCC-A-01
NetApp Release 9.8
Node: MCC-A-02
NetApp Release 9.8

  • Upgrade status indicates failed post-apps task Upgrade and Revert task for FlexCache:
MCC-A::*> upgrade-revert show-task-status -node MCC-A-01 -status aborted -instance
(system node upgrade-revert show-task-status)

Node: MCC-A-01
Upgrade/Revert Version: 1200
Startup Phase: post-apps
Task Identifier: 1215
Process Name: mgwd
Description of Task: Upgrade and Revert task for FlexCache 9.8
Execution Status: aborted
Status Message: Cross-cluster access is restricted.
Upgrade/Revert Direction: upgrade
Number of Retries: 0
Number of Timeouts: 0
Requires Restart on Upgrade: false
  • Task fails again when attempted to get applied manually using upgrade-revert upgrade.

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