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Applies to

  • MetroCluster
  • ONTAP 9
  • Switchover Failed
  • callhome.mcc.switchover.failed:EMERGENCY

Event Summary

This message occurs when a metrocluster switchover operation has failed. The failure could be partial or complete.


Event Log

event log show -event *switchover*

Command Line:

Run the following command on the cluster that attempted to perform the switchover operation.

metrocluster operation show

Operation: switchover
State: failed
Start Time: xxx
End Time: xxx
Errors: Failed to validate the node and cluster components before the switchover operation.
xxx(non-overridable veto): <Failure reason>


  1. Verify the current state of the metrocluster

metrocluster node show

  1. Check if vservers are online:

vserver show

  1. Follow the recovery steps described in the metrocluster operation show output.
  2. Please contact NetApp Technical Support or log into the NetApp Support Site to create a case. Reference this article for further assistance.

Additional Information

Note: The metrocluster operation show output will only report on the last metrocluster operation. If a subsequent metrocluster operation has run since the switchover failure the output will not be relevant to the failure.

To get further details on a previous metrocluster operation:

  1. Run the metrocluster operation history show command to see all previous metrocluster operations:

metrocluster operation history show -fields operation,start-time,state,operation-uuid

  1. From the output, identify the operation-uuid of the failed or partially failed operation:

ClusterA::> metrocluster operation history show -fields operation,start-time,state,operation-uuid
operation-uuid                       operation           start-time         state
------------------------------------ ------------------- ------------------ ----------
b6fe95a4-dc12-11ec-881e-00a0985bd305 switchover-simulate mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss successful
bffaf8b3-b9a4-11ec-881e-00a0985bd305 switchover-simulate mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss successful
d719de7e-5a23-11ea-93d9-00a0985bd305 switchover          mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss failed
2f258258-59b4-11e9-b2d2-00a0985bd305 switchover          mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss completed-with-manual-recovery-needed

  1. Run the metrocluster operation history show command with the identified operation uuid:

metrocluster operation history show -operation-uuid <operation-uuid>

ClusterA::> metrocluster operation history show -operation-uuid d719de7e-5a23-11ea-93d9-00a0985bd305
      Operation: switchover
          State: failed
         Errors: Failed to validate the node and cluster components before the switchover operation.
                 ClusterA::siteA-02 (non-overridable veto): DR partner NVLog mirroring is not online. Make sure that the links between the two sites are healthy and properly configured.
           Node: -
     Start Time: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss
       End Time: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss
         Job ID: 19643
 Operation UUID: d719de7e-5a23-11ea-93d9-00a0985bd305
   Command Line: metrocluster switchover
Additional Info: -


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