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Is it expected to see 8 instead of 4 paths to the remote disks of a MetroCluster IP?

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Applies to

  • MetroCluster IP
  • ONTAP 9.8 and later


  1. When running the command from the cluster shell it shows the output for all the nodes in that cluster: 

    ::> storage show disk -fields initiator

  2. Since ONTAP 9.8 the remote disks are seen not only through the virtual adapter 0m, but also through 0v.

  3. In addition to the above, there are 2 iSCSI sessions created to the remote disks, which again doubles the number of paths in the calculation.

Additional Information

This is how the command output looks like for a two-node Multi-Path HA cabled Cluster:

cluster-a::> storage show disk -fields initiator

disk     initiator
-------- -----------------------
13.10.0  0a,0d,0a,0d
13.10.23 0a,0d,0a,0d
14.50.0  0m,0m,0v,0v,0m,0m,0v,0v
14.50.23 0m,0m,0v,0v,0m,0m,0v,0v
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