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Why there is a mismatch between CLI and OCSM New Experience cluster and aggregate capacity?

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Applies to

  • OnCommand System Manager 9.6+ (OCSM) New Experience


  • The issue is visible when deduplication and compression are present
  • The used capacity is all the logical space that is used
  • The available space is physical space

  • Deduplication and compression of the physical space that is left cannot be calculated
Logical Space
  • Logical space refers to how theoretical space may be used without taking into account things like deduplication or compression
    • Compression reduces the amount of physical storage required for a volume by combining data blocks in compression groups, each of which is stored as a single block
    • Data deduplication is a process that eliminates excessive copies of data and significantly decreases storage capacity requirements
Physical space 
  • Physical space refers to how many physical blocks are being used

CLI output:
  • You can review more information with the following commands:

::> storage aggregate show
::> aggr show-space
::> aggr show -fields physical-used,data-compaction-space-saved-percent,sis-space-saved-percent,composite-capacity-tier-used,size,physical-used-percent,data-compaction-space-saved,sis-space-saved

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