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What is the Solutions Enabler netcnfg file?

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Insight (OCI) 7.3.x
  • EMC Solutions Enabler


OnCommand Insight collects inventory data from EMC Symmetrix arrays using the EMC Solutions Enabler CLI Suite (aka symcli). Solutions Enabler manages arrays in-band, via FC or iSCSI management volumes called gatekeepers.

Many OCI customers do not want to have to set up in-band connectivity between the Symmetrix arrays and the OCI server. This goal can be met by using EMC Solutions Enabler in client/server mode.

For client/server mode, you must install the same or older version of Solutions Enabler on the OCI Acquisition Unit (AU) that will host the datasource that is on the Solutions Enabler server. However, note that OCI does not support using Solutions Enabler 7.x against 8.x, regardless of EMC's official support position. NetApp has determined that using Solutions Enabler 7.x against 8.x returns unreliable data.

Solutions Enabler will operate in client / server mode by setting environmental variables, which the OCI Solutions Enabler datasource will handle for you automatically. But you must define meaningful aliases in your netcnfg file for client / server mode to work.

The netcnfg file lives in ..\SYMAPI\config\netcnfg
Note: The netcnfg file is only needed when using the Solutions Enabler (CLI) datasource.

After Solutions Enabler is installed, the netcnfg file is a template and an editable file located in the SYMAPI configuration directory. Using a text editor, add the network services to the file in the following format:

service_name  domain_name  network_protocol  server_node_name  server_network_address  port_number security_level


  • service_name = the name of the service which will be a reference to the Solutions Enabler server. We strongly recommend using syntax like hostname_SECURE , so that you know that the alias "hostname_SECURE" refers to host "hostname"
  • domain_name = should be unspecified and substituted with a hyphen (-)
  • network_protocol = must be TCPIP
  • server_node_name = the name of the server host
  • server_network_address = the network address of the server
    Note: A hyphen (-) can be substituted for an unspecified server_node_name or server_network_address, but at least one must be specified.
  • port_number = the server port number
  • security_level = the type of connection the server is expecting to negotiate. Possible values are SECURE, ANY, and NONSECURE. In addition, a hyphen (-) can
    be specified to use the platform's default setting.
    Note: It is recommended to set this to SECURE. Solutions Enabler operating in server mode since Solutions Enabler 7.x is only willing to accept SECURE connection requests by default.


Example netcnfg file:

SYMAPI_SERVER - TCPIP node001 12.345.67.89 7777 ANY
SERVER_IP6 - TCPIP node003 3FFE:80C0:22C:18:250:88FF:FEAD:F92F 6666 SECURE

Additional Information

EMC Solutions Enabler Version 7.5 Installation Guide, starting from "Client configuration" on page 116


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