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What are the backup and restore best practices for AIQUM?

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager (AIQUM)
  • Database dump incremental backups


Starting in Unified Manager version 9.7 (and later), updates have been made to the Unified Manager Full and Incremental backup capabilities.


In Unified Manager 9.6 and earlier

  • Incremental backups over time can lead to a significant number of incremental backu pfiles files.
  • On restores, a high number in incremental back-up files may take significant hours. 
    • NOTE: OVA virtual machine snapshot restores are not impacted by the number of incremental backup files.


To alleviate the issue of long running backup restore processes, NetApp recommends some best practices for Incremental backups:

  1. Maintain backup retention count to 30 or less.
  2. For large scale environments, it is possible to  start a new Incremental Backup chain, then create a Full backup (9.6 and older)
    1. Force a full backup every month
Note: To perform full backup, pick non-business hours as it may take hours for the backup to complete. During this time, the acquisition engine will not be responsive which is equivalent to monitoring outage

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