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How to resolve disk space issues with Active IQ Unified Manager

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM)
  • Active IQ Unified Manager (AIQUM)


This article will cover the process flow to determine the corrective action(s) that are needed to resolve Active IQ Unified Manager disk space issues
  1. Confirm that AIQUM is deployed with the minimum required disk space as per documentation. 
Software Version System Requirements

Active IQ Unified Manager 9.6 and above


VMware OVA - Virtual infrastructure or hardware system requirements
Microsoft Windows - Virtual infrastructure or hardware system requirements
Red Hat and CentOS Linux - Virtual infrastructure or hardware system requirements
OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5 and earlier Virtual infrastructure or hardware system requirements
  1. Confirm that Active IQ Unified Manager meets the best practice recommendations for disk space
    1. Starting on page 9, view the Scale Guidance Strategy in the Active IQ Unified Manager: Best Practices Guide
  1. Configure Management station alerts to notify when the Unified Manager instance is running low on space
  1. Make any needed adjustments to disk space as indicated by our documentation and best practice guide
    1. If both minimum disk space requirements and recommendations are already met then proceed to Steps 5, 6, and 7
Software Version Corrective Action
Active IQ Unified Manager 9.6 and later VMware OVA - Adding space to the data disk of the VMware virtual machine
Microsoft Windows - Adding space to the logical drive of the Microsoft Windows server
Red Hat and CentOS Linux - Adding space to the data directory of the Linux host
OnCommand Unified Manager and earlier Adding space to the data directory
  1. Delete any unneeded support bundles
  1. Delete any unneeded backups
    1. For additional information on AIQUM backups view the below links
      1. How do Active IQ Unified Manager incremental backups work?
      2. How to collect an Active IQ Unified Manager backup
  2. Check if older recording files are present.
    1. What is the acquisition folder and can recording files be deleted
    2. It is recommended to keep the last month's worth but older recordings can be removed
  3. Clean up Java Heap dump files if applicable


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