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How can you export/monitor performance statistics in Unified manager?

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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.8


  •  Performance for Top 10 counters
  1. Dashboard
  2. On Performance Capacity select the cluster you want to receive performance statistics
  3. Select Top performers and adjust the time range
  4. Choose which one you want to export (top 10 Nodes, Top 10 aggregates, Top 10 Storage VMs etc.)
  5. Select metric (Latency, IOPS, MBps etc.)
  6. Click Export
  • Monitor the performance of individual objects like volumes, Storage VMs, LUNs an others for longer periods (13 months+) but this Performance data cannot be exported.
  1. Click on Storage
  2. Click on Storage VMs (for example)
  3. Click on the desired Storage VM
  4. Select Switch to performance view
  5. Select Time Range and explore Latency, IOPS etc.
  •  Scheduled reports

This feature gives you the option to schedule daily weekly or monthly Reports for individual objects such as Aggregates, LUNs, Volumes etc. Using this method you select a day of the month to be sent Performance report of the desired objects. To do so please follow the steps bellow:

  1. Click on Storage
  2. Select Storage VMs
  3. From View select Performance:All Storage VMs
  4. Click on Scheduled Reports
  5. Add Schedule
  6. Select the Frequency of the report and recipients and save

Additional Information

Detailed description can be found in Monitoring performance using the Performance Explorer pages

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