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What are the minimum Permissions needed for Trident Admin Users when using a SolidFire Backend?

Applies to

  • Trident
  • SolidFire


The minimum permissions required for the Trident Administrator User for SolidFire Backends are Accounts and Volumes.

  • Volume access is needed to create the volume.
  • Account permissions are needed to read/set the CHAP credentials for the user account.

Example of Permissions for a Trident Admin within the Element UI under Users > Cluster Admins

Optional privileges are Reporting and Cluster Admin.

  • Cluster Admin is needed if you want trident to be able create the account for you if it doesn’t exist.
  • Reporting is more restrictive than Read access, but still allows API commands related to gathering cluster statistics. This does allow access to a handful of read-only commands that are otherwise only available to ClusterAdmins


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