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Trident fails to mount PVC due to CSI driver is not found in registered list

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Applies to

  • Astra Trident 21.07.2
  • Kubernetes 1.20.6


  • Unable to mount PVC by not found in the list of registered CSI drivers
  • kubelet reports the following error:

MountVolume.MountDevice failed for volume "pvc-XXX" : attacher.MountDevice failed to create newCsiDriverClient: driver name not found in the list of registered CSI drivers

  • Status of trident-csi pod is not Running and it is not ready

# kubectl get pod -n trident
NAME                                    READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
pod/trident-csi-XXXXX                   0/2     Completed   4          64d
pod/trident-csi-XXXXX                   0/2     Completed   6          117d
pod/trident-csi-XXXXX                   0/2     Completed   6          117d
pod/trident-csi-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX        6/6     Running     6          33d
pod/trident-operator-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   1/1     Running     4          117d

E0809 <TIMESTAMP>   13504 connection.go:131] Lost connection to unix:///plugin/csi.sock.

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