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How does Trident handle a dataLIF setting for ontap-san driver with multipathing

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Applies to

  • Trident for Openshift and Kubernetes
  • Drivers: ontap-san, ontap-san-economy


With either no dataLIF setting, or just a specific IP address, Trident will still create sessions to the HA Pair partner's iSCSI LIF as well.
If multipathd is not running, and mapper devcies for multipath are therefore not created, Trident will mount one of the new disk devices on node attach.
With this situation, there is no HA pair failover redundancy, when the connection IP disappears (these IPs do not travel to other interfaces or nodes).

Additional Information

Multipathing needs to be enabled, or there will be issues with handling of the PVC, since errors about the remaining disk devices can crop up.
Additionally, it is expected to use find_multipaths = no, since Trident will provide the necessary functionality.
Note: the dataLIF only takes one IP address, in the Trident backend configuration. The option was mainly meant for NFS, since, when using multiple LIFs in the SVM, you may want to specify the IP that normally runs on the node with the aggregate of the PVC volume.
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