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Can Trident volumes be moved between aggregates in storage cluster non-disruptively?

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NetApp Trident



  • Storage administrators have the ability to move volumes between aggregates and controllers in the ONTAP cluster non-disruptively to the storage consumer

         ONTAP: Move a volume

  • This operation does not affect Trident or the Kubernetes cluster, as long as the destination aggregate is one which the SVM Trident is using has access to

::>vserver show -vserver nfs_svm -fields aggr-list
vserver aggr-list
------- -----------
nfs_svm aggr1,aggr2

Add aggr3 to the SVM aggr-list:

::>vserver modify -vserver nfs_svm -aggr-list aggr1,aggr2,aggr3

  • If aggregate has been newly added to the SVM, the backend will need to be “refreshed” by re-adding it to Trident using the Trident backend update command, shown in this example:
    $ tridentctl update backend <backend-name> -f <backend.json> -n trident
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